About Tiffany

I’m Tiffany. I’m from Greenville, Ohio but have lived in Colorado ever since I took a position as a nurse at Children’s four years ago. I met Carter freshmen year at XU. Carter always teased me in college that we’d end up getting married by the time we were 40. After I moved out to Colorado I decided it’d be best if we pushed that timeline up a few years.

I Kinda have a thing for him >

About Carter

I’m Carter. I’m originally from Charlotte, North Carolina but have lived in Denver, Colorado for about four years now. I met Tiffany first week of freshmen year at Xavier University. I like to think she followed me out to Colorado but really it might be the other way around.

< I kinda have a thing for her.

About Shadow

Hi, my name’s Shadow, Shadow “NO.” I won’t be able to make it to the wedding but I wanted to introduce myself. These two take real good care of me. We go on long walks, swimming at Coot lake and get into all sorts of adventures. A little about me…If you say words like “Dog Park” or “Hike” I get really excited! Since I can’t be down in Jamaica you can come by anytime and throw the ball with me. Hope you have fun with my two favorite peoples.

<< I like them both.